Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Week

Salam, at last i manage to update my blog. This week we are having ISTEC. Alhamdulillah, yesterday we've held an opening ceremony. We invited a speaker specialized in astronomy. It's quite interesting. I was inspired by his talk yesterday especially when he told us about his enthusiasm in studying things like stars and planets. I do think that whatever we wanna do, it will be easier if we put our passion in it.
I'm writing this post at 4.03am in the morning. Actually, i'm trying to finish up the text i was assigned for the MC for tomorrow's event. We are having the closing ceremony inclusive a forum entitled " Rejuvenasi Sains dari Perspektif Islam". This is my first time being a committee for a quite big event. Quite nervous. However, the experience are valuable for me. ISTEC is just the beginning. There is time for improvement. I really hope i can do much better for our next events.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Salam to my dear friends and family,

Kali ni nk tukar BM pulak la. Asyik english je, boring gak. huhu. Minggu ni lah minggu paling sibuk bagiku kt CFS nih. Macam2. Especially ari ni. Dari pukul 7 pagi tadi sampailah kul 10.30 mlm. huh. penat gak tapi nak buat mcm mana. Ari ni first time diriku menjejakkan diri kat pejabat IP(IIUM properties), kalau bukan kerana ISTEC x da maknanya nak pergi pejabat tuh.Kat mana letaknya pun mungkin aku x tahu. ISTEC ni stands for Islamic Science and Technology Week, salah sebuah program yang dikendalikan oleh MRC(Mahallah Representative Commitee). Diriku ditugaskan untuk menjadi sub com dalam biro Prep & Tech. rasanya biro ni la yang paling sibuk before the event starts. Mau taknya nak tempah venue, barang-barang, dan banyak lagi Pendek kata, x jadila program kalau biro ni tak gerak. Banyak gak program bermanfaat yang ada antaranya kuiz, pameran,games and forum. Forum terbuka untuk public. Bertempat di padang depan mahallah Umar Al-Khattab pada 30hb Dis ni. So, sesapa yang berminat tu bleh la datang meramaikan forum tersebut. panel-panel yang dijemput pun tak kurang hebatnya. Minggu ni plak aku da exam Bio, Chem, Physics and RIM. huhu. Next week, ISTEC akan bermula. So, lepas ni akan jadi bertambah busy la. Lepas Istec, next program dr MRC is MAIG (Mahallah Integration Games). Untuk MAIG, aku ditugaskan untuk menjadi sub com dalam biro Security, Discipline and Welfare. Event ni more concentrate on sports but apa yg lainnya , it's more to traditional games. Besides, da gak diadakan explorace around kawasan PJ nih. Then, kena concentrate on Sisters Night. Kali ni aku ditugaskan untuk jadi Head Com biro Pub & Pro. huh. mencabar sebab aku x prnh da experience n selama ni cuma jadi sub com je tp tetiba plak kna jadi head. Agak cuak gak. alhamdulillah aku ada sub com yang amat prihatin and berdedikasi. Disebabkan kesibukan aku ngan kelas minggu nih, dialah tolong cover aku. huhu. Sisters Night ni kitorg masukkan games macam flower arrangement and dessert decoration. On 13th-15th Jan plak ada MaICFest which stands for Mahallah Islamic Cultural Festival. Yg ni kena biro Catering plak. hehe.sedia makanan. Memang best sebab aku boleh gain bnyk experience tp kena la bersusah payah sket. Pepun, doakan kejayaanku untuk exam nanti yer. Until next post.

Monday, December 21, 2009

First from CFS

This is my first post from CFS. I arrived at CFS safely, alhamdulillah, at 7.00p.m. I have to come here by bus as KTMB tickets are sold out. Alhamdulillah Kak Chik's mother manage to get two Mara Liner tickets for both of us. The journey was ok. It's a bit different this time as i usually departed at night. Kak Chik and I chat all the way from Alor Setar till we arrived at Puduraya. It's quite hectic there. I'm a person who does not like to be in a place where it is too crowded, so it is quite uncomfortable for me. Maybe i'm kinda a sceptic. I feel like those strangers have their own secret agenda. That makes me more uncomfortable. It sounds like i'm like a rusa masuk kampung jer. Well, that's me.

1.15 a.m, still awake trying to finish my Bio 2 report and Math 2 tutorials.huhu.Seriously, i love trigo more than statistics. Tomorrow my class starts at 9. Hope i manage to finish my works tonight.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Salam Maal Hijrah to everyone. Hope you will have a great start this new year.The day after tomorrow i have to go back to CFS(Centre for Foundation Studies) as midbreak is near to an end. I've a lot to do. Exams, tutorials, quizzes and report. Just a few weeks ago after coming back from Eidul Adha holiday, i did a dissection on a rat for my Biology 2, of course, it's not my hobby anyway to do it on purpose. On that day, i went to my class as usual at blok E. However, it's kind of weird that nobody was there. I looked at my watch, it's already 2pm. Am i too early!!. Well, that's weird as i usually came to class when half of my classmates are already arrived. I called my classmates but they didn't pick up their phones. I was still sitting in that classroom, wondering where have they been until one of my classmates text me that we suppose to have class at the lab. Great!. Now i have to run back to my mahallah to get my lab coat and manuals. Huh..This isn't my first time anyway.

In the lab, at first it's quite challenging for me as this is my first time touching a rat. My lecturer said "Don't worry, each of you will get a rat". Yaye!!..(what a PLEASANT thing to hear). Firstly, we need to take all the equipments needed. Then, we can choose our own rat. As i'm late, i get to choose last. When i'm taking out the rat from the bin, the lab assistant look at my rat and said to me " That's a big one" Then i said to my ownself, "it's ok, the bigger the better, so, i can observe the organs very clearly.." After that, everything went well. No doubt, it's fun. Sorry..i can't show u the rats..Reading my friend's blog about her experience with the corpse, my dissection is just nothing. Hope i can get more interesting experiences!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My First Step


My first step into this blogging world.Hope it can be a great blog for everyone. At last, i have my own blog as my mom keep asking me to create my own blog. To my dear friends, hope we can keep in touch through this blog. A few minutes ago, i visited my friends' blog. All of u look great.Hope to see all of u soon. Miss u all a lot. Those having exam, i wish u all the best k..Actually i also in the middle of the exam period. I just have my math 2 exam last week. I have to say it is much better this semester compared to last semester as i failed. This semester i am more worried for my Physics.Truthfully, i am not good in Physics since myspm..huhu..somebody please help me!..i have a great's just me..i dunno why..when it comes to force and that triangle thing called components..i just huh..i'm home for my week, i'm gonna have exams for Chemistry 2, Biology 2, Physics and Religions in Malaysia.Wish me luck..