Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sharing is Caring?

Sharing is Caring. Then should we share everything? My mom always said that i am a stingy person. Well for me, i think it is my biggest problem. Sometimes, i do admit it. I have problems in sharing my things. Maybe i am a person who is not good at sharing. I just wonder how can these people keep borrowing other people's stuff everyday. If it is once in a while, it is ok to me. But, it is just to much if you like to borrow other people's stuff just to show off. I really dislike this kind of person. Sometimes, i do meet this kind of person in my life and it is really hard to keep my patience in me.huhu. Please pray for me so that i can change my bad attitudes and become a better person. InsyaAllah.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have just finished my LeadTrain at 12.30pm today. At first, i am quite reluctant to join it eventhough it is compulsory for all students of CFS as i am keep thinking of my Biology and Chemistry Lab Report.huhu. I need to submit both reports tomorrow. Along has already found out about my blog. Sorry along for not telling you about my blog.hehe.
The Leadtrain was great. It was more interesting than the previous one that we had in the last semester. It starts quite boring as they invited a speaker whom speech, in my opinion, did not gives any moral values. Instead it is likely to be some kind of promotion for himself as a CEO from some well known company. Sorry to say that but that is how other students feel. The second session we had an explorace just around the Al-Malik Faisal Hall. It was fun. At night, we were given a talk by En. Muhd Zaini from a consultation company. This session is far better than the first one. The participants including me enjoyed it so much. He was really funny and a lot of input were gained from the session. We were asked to draw our own face (quite hard for me). It is actually a psychological test to identify a person's personality.
We also had Qiyamullail. At 9, we were given a talk by a representative from ESQ consultation. ESQ (Emotional & Spiritual Quotient) is an international company. The talk was given by Bro Rashid from Jakarta, Indonesia. He was really passionate while giving us the talk. The event was ended by the prize giving ceremony to the winning group of explorace. Eventhough my group did not win, all of us had an enjoyful moment together.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Salam, at last on 13th January MAICFest was officially ended. The closing ceremony was attend by the Deputy Rector, Dean, Deputy Dean of RMDD, principals, fellows and Muadz as the invited celebrity of the night. There were also performances by the winner of nasyid and tilawah competition. Eventhough the closing ceremony was not as good as the opening ceremony, the committees had tried their best in making sure the event run smoothly. Some mistakes which occured during the closing ceremony has cause some chaotic moments. However, the committees ,in my opinion, has tried their best to overcome it and they did it really well.
As for us from the bureau of catering, we were really happy and enjoyed our duties. Eventhough we miss the performances by Akbar, Fakhrulradhi and Muadz for the whole three days, we manage to see them close and personal while serving the food.hehe. We even get compliments from the VIPs. MAICFEST's Program Manager praised us for our services. She even said that it is a 5 stars service. I was really happy hearing that as my hands were shaking when i was pouring the coffee for the Deputy Rector, Dean and the VIPs. It is a whole new experience for me. I enjoyed it so much. All the inter-mahallah events have already ended. Another event coming is Family Day. I may not involve so much in this event.
My latest activity is i may be involved in Annual Grand Dinner of PRESSS (Pre-sciences Student's Society) . However, after listening to my mentor and parents, i might want to reject the offer that was given to me. As the condition, i need to find somebody to replace me. Still in consideration whether i should go on with the idea of being one of the committee of AGD or leave it for the sake of my studies.huhu. Feel really hard to choose.
Tomorrow at 2pm i will be involved in LeadTrain. It is a program which is compulsory for all students of CFS. I am trying to finish my Chemistry report right now. It is about organic compounds. I also need to do a presentation for Religions In Malaysia. My group has chosen Baptism in Christianity as our title. Wish me luck.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My First Outing !!

Time is really fast. Its already in the middle of my second and final semester in CFS. InsyaAllah i will continue my studies in Kuantan. Today is my first outing. Maybe it is an unbelievable thing for most people but honestly i have never been anywhere except CFS, my uncle's house and KL sentral since i was registered by my parents which is about 8 months ago.huhu.
I was accompanied by my most beloved classmate cum my unpaid PA.hehe.and also her roommate. I was quite nervous because i feel uneasy when being in a crowded place. That is why all this while i would rather stay in my room alone instead of going out with my roommates.This time i really need to go out as i need to buy a plain black colour baju kurung for MAICFest as they already standardize the committees' outfit. It was really tough to find that kind of baju kurung with a reasonable price. We chose to go to Jalan TAR as my friends said that i can find varieties of stuff there plus reasonable price.(I need to save up my money..). We went into a few shops and i am still not satisfied with the price and the quality of the baju kurung so we keep walking. My classmate brought us to Semua House as she also wants to buy shoes for herself. I found a nice not-so-plain black baju kurung with a reasonable price compared to the baju kurung in the previous shops. So i decided to buy that baju kurung. It was my first outing and i feel so tired. It's a relief that i can have some rest tomorrow.(i hope so). Tomorrow night we will have a rehearsal for MAICFest. Hope everything will run smoothly and MAICFest will be our next successful event. I have a strong feeling that MAICFest will be the greatest event among the events that was held by MRC this semester. InsyaAllah we will work hard towards it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sisters' Night

Sisters' Night is another program conducted by MRC. It was held at AMF on 6th January. Eventhough there are lots of problems arose,alhamdulillah Sisters' Night has become a reality. I feel really glad that another program has ended. I am very happy to have such great sub coms who gave me great support throughout the process. They were always there whenever i need their help. Thanks Anis, Saliha and Shakina. I will always look forward to work with all of you again. You guys are the best committees. : ). It was really fun and interesting experience to be one of the committees. The most memorable part for me is when i was assigned to usher the Deputy Dean of RMDD. It was dark in the hall. The committees were holding candles along the entrance. There were also girls wearing white tudung assigned to be the flower girls. The backdrop was just fine. I was really worried when i was informed that my bureau was assigned to decorate the backdrop. Thanks again to my sub coms, principal and fellows for helping us with the decoration.
After this, i have to attend a meeting on MAICFest, another program from MRC. This program includes contests like hafazan, tilawah, nasyid and so many more. There will also be special performances by our invited guests Muadz and Akbar. Really hope that this program will run smoothly. Wish me luck. That's all for today. Salam.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mahallah Integration Games

Yesterday MAIG was held. MAIG was planned to be a 3 days program. However, due to some circumstances the event was held only for a day. Alhamdulillah, the event ends with a great success. Thanks to all committees that have work really hard towards the success of the event. I am really happy and proud to be part of this event. Honestly, i am quite doubtful at first but the success of this event prove me wrong. The traditional games that were included in MAIG really get a great support from the students of CFS. I can saw how happy they were when joining the contests that was held. Even a simple game such as Ting-ting get high support from the participants. At the end, everyone was happy. As for myself, i gained a lot of experience. I was doubtful that we might not able to have MAIG as ISTEC just had its closing ceremony a day before. However, the commitment that was given by the Programme Coordinators and all commmittees has made MAIG a successful event. I have to admit that the MAIG has a beautiful logo. Thanks to Pub & Pro. The beautiful banners really grab my attention. Even the students and committees from Nilai Campus were also here yesterday. They also played a great role throughout this event. Beside reviving the traditional games, MAIG also play a great role in strengthening the ukhwah among students especially between students from Nilai & Pj campus. I really hope after this an event that involve the lecturers of CFS can be held.aybe next year. the new line up of MRC may want to take this suggestion into consideration. What i can see from the events that was held by MRC and other societies is that there is lack of participations from the lecturers. After having MAIG, MRC from Mahallah Khadijah and Mahallah Zainab Jahsy will have an event called Sisters' Night. I have mentioned it in the previous post. Sisters' Night will only be involved by sisters. On the other hand, brothers will have an event named Lailah Al-Rijal. There will be contests and performances. I am really sorry that i am not able to attach some photos of ISTEC and MAIG. However, i will try to get some photos. Insya Allah.